ann_sample(1) Sample program for the ANN library


ann_sample [-d dim] [-max m] [-nn k] [-e eps] [-df data] [-qf query]


This is a sample program for the the Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching library. Results are sent to the standard output. To run a demo, try:

    ann_sample -df /usr/share/doc/ann-tools/data.pts -qf /usr/share/doc/ann-tools/query.pts

and compare the result with



-d dim
dimension of the space (default = 2)
-max m
maximum number of data points (default = 1000)
-nn k
number of nearest neighbors per query (default 1)
-e eps
the error bound (default = 0.0)
-df data
name of file containing data points
-qf query
name of file containing query points


Sunil Arya and David Mount


This man page is Copyright (C) 2007 Rafael Laboissiere <rafael AT debian DOT org> and released under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later. It was written for the Debian distribution but may be used by others.