ant-phone(1) an interactive ISDN telephone application


ant-phone [options]


ant-phone is part of ANT (ANT is Not a Telephone). It let's you make and receive telephone calls and talk via sound devices. It uses CAPI 2.0 as ISDN interface.


ant-phone accepts the following options:
-h, --help
Show summary of options
-v, --version
Print version information
-r, --cleanup
Remove stale socket file left by accident by a previous run of ANT. You only need this option if ANT says: "local bind: Address already in use"
-d, --debug[=debuglevel]
Print additional runtime debugging data to stdout, debuglevel = 1..4
-i, --soundin=device
ALSA device name for input (recording), default: "default"
-o, --soundout=device
ALSA device name for output (playback), default: "default"
-m, --msn=msn
identifying MSN (for outgoing calls), 0 for master MSN of this termination/port, default: 0
-l, --msns=msns
MSNs to listen on, semicolon-separated list or '*', default: *
-c, --call=number
Make a running instance of ANT make a call to the specified number, useful for calling from an external address book application
-s, --sleep
Shut down CAPI connection to prepare for removal of broken kernel modules, which don't survive suspend/restore.
-w, --wakeup
Restore CAPI connection after ISDN modules loaded again. The connection will be also restored by dialing a number, but before the connection is restored, you won't be able to accept calls.


If the used sound devices (arguments of --soundin and --soundout) are equal, a full duplex sound device is needed.


the last dialed numbers
user specific options file
saved history of incoming and outgoing calls
recordings of recorded phone calls


Caller ID stores hangup reason localized. This will break, if someone uses letters outside of English alphabet for translation of hangup reasons.


ANT was developed by Roland Stigge <[email protected]>, based on ideas from IVCALL, Copyright 2002 Lennart Poettering. G.711 handling by Sun Microsystems. Contributions by Joerg Mayer <[email protected]>, Lars Volkhardt <Lars.Volkhar[email protected]>, Ivan Schreter <[email protected]>.