antsAffineInitializer(1) part of ANTS registration suite


antsAffineInitializer ,ImageDimension <Image1.ext> <Image2.ext> TransformOutput.mat Optional-SearchFactor Optional-Radian-Fraction Optional-bool-UsePrincipalAxes Optional-uint-UseLocalSearch Optional-Image1Mask/


Optional-SearchFactor is in degrees --- e.g. 10 = search in 10 degree increments . Radian-Fraction should be between 0 and 1 --- will search this arc +/- around principal axis. Optional-bool-UsePrincipalAxes determines whether the rotation is searched around an initial principal axis alignment. Default = false. Optional-uint-UseLocalSearch determines if a local optimization is run at each search point for the set number of iterations. Default = 20.