Apache::Session::Store::File(3) Store persistent data on the filesystem


use Apache::Session::Store::File;
my $store = new Apache::Session::Store::File;


This module fulfills the storage interface of Apache::Session. The serialized objects are stored in files on your filesystem.


This module requires one argument in the usual Apache::Session style. The name of the option is Directory, and the value is the full path of the directory where you wish to place the files. Example

 tie %s, 'Apache::Session::File', undef,
    {Directory => '/tmp/sessions'};


All session objects are stored in the same directory. Some filesystems, such as Linux's ext2fs, have O(n) performance where n is the number of files in a directory. Other filesystems, like Sun's UFS, and Linux's reiserfs, do not have this problem. You should consider your filesystem's performance before using this module to store many objects.


This module was written by Jeffrey William Baker <[email protected]>.