App::CELL::Status(3) class for return value objects


use App::CELL::Status;
# simplest usage
my $status = App::CELL::Status->ok;
print "ok" if ( $status->ok );
$status = App::CELL::Status->not_ok;
print "NOT ok" if ( $status->not_ok );
# as a return value: in the caller
my $status = $XYZ( ... );
return $status if not $status->ok; # handle failure
my $payload = $status->payload; # handle success


This module inherits from "App::CELL::Message"


An App::CELL::Status object is a reference to a hash containing some or all of the following keys (attributes):
"level" - the status level (see "new", below)
"message" - message explaining the status
"caller" - an array reference containing the three-item list generated by the "caller" function

The typical use cases for this object are:

As a return value from a function call
To trigger a higher-severity log message

All calls to "App::CELL::Status->new" with a status other than OK trigger a log message.


This module provides the following public methods:


Construct a status object and trigger a log message if the level is anything other than ``OK''. Always returns a status object. If no level is specified, the level will be 'ERR'. If no code is given, the code will be


If the first argument is blessed, assume we're being called as an instance method: return true if status is OK, false otherwise.

Otherwise, assume we're being called as a class method: return a new OK status object with optional payload (optional parameter to the method call, must be a scalar).


Similar method to 'ok', except it handles 'NOT_OK' status.

When called as an instance method, returns a true value if the status level is anything other than 'OK'. Otherwise false.

When called as a class method, returns a 'NOT_OK' status object. Optionally, a payload can be supplied as an argument.


Accessor method, returns level of status object in ALL-CAPS. All status objects must have a level attribute.


Accesor method, returns code of status object, or ""<NONE>"" if none present.


Accessor method - returns value of the 'args' property.


Accessor method, returns text of status object, or the code if no text present. If neither code nor text are present, returns ""<NONE>""


Accessor method. Returns array reference containing output of "caller" function associated with this status object, or "[]" if not present.


When called with no arguments, acts like an accessor method. When called with a scalar argument, either adds that as the payload or changes the payload to that.

Logs a warning if an existing payload is changed.

Returns the (new) payload or undef.


Accessor method (returns the parent message object)


Make a deep copy of the status object, unbless it, and remove certain attributes deemed ``extraneous''.