App::Cleo(3) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations


use App::Cleo
my $cleo = App::Cleo->new(%options);


App::Cleo is the back-end for the cleo utility. Please see the cleo documentation for details on how to use this.


The constructor accepts arguments as key-value pairs. The following keys are supported:
Number of milliseconds to wait before displaying each character of the command. The default is "25_000".
String to use for the artificial prompt. The token %d will be substituted with the number of the current command. The default is "(%d)$".
Path to the shell command that will be used to run the commands. Defaults to either the "SHELL" environment variable or "/bin/bash".


run( $commands )
Starts playback of commands. If the argument is a string, it will be treated as a file name and commands will be read from the file. If the argument is a scalar reference, it will be treated as a string of commands separated by newlines. If the argument is an array reference, then each element of the array will be treated as a command.


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <[email protected]>


Copyright (c) 2014, Imaginative Software Systems