App::Info::Handler::Prompt(3) Prompting App::Info event handler


use App::Info::Category::FooApp;
use App::Info::Handler::Print;
my $prompter = App::Info::Handler::Print->new;
my $app = App::Info::Category::FooApp->new( on_unknown => $prompter );
# Or...
my $app = App::Info::Category::FooApp->new( on_confirm => 'prompt' );


App::Info::Handler::Prompt objects handle App::Info events by printing their messages to "STDOUT" and then accepting a new value from "STDIN". The new value is validated by any callback supplied by the App::Info concrete subclass that triggered the event. If the value is valid, App::Info::Handler::Prompt assigns the new value to the event request. If it isn't it prints the error message associated with the event request, and then prompts for the data again.

Although designed with unknown and confirm events in mind, App::Info::Handler::Prompt handles info and error events as well. It will simply print info event messages to "STDOUT" and print error event messages to "STDERR". For more interesting info and error event handling, see App::Info::Handler::Print and App::Info::Handler::Carp.

Upon loading, App::Info::Handler::Print registers itself with App::Info::Handler, setting up a single string, ``prompt'', that can be passed to an App::Info concrete subclass constructor. This string is a shortcut that tells App::Info how to create an App::Info::Handler::Print object for handling events.




  my $prompter = App::Info::Handler::Prompt->new;

Constructs a new App::Info::Handler::Prompt object and returns it. No special arguments are required.


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