apprecommender(1) Application Recommender for Debian Systems


A recommender system for Debian packages. To make a recommendation, this application gathers the packages installed through apt and create an user profile based on them. This profile is then used to search for useful packages for a user.

This package provides several content-based recommendations approach and each one should provide different recommendations from the others.


-h, --help
Print this help
-i, --init
Initialize AppRecommender data by indexing the searchable packages in a Xapian database
-t, --train
Make training of AppRecommender machine learning strategies.
-s, --strategy=,OPTION/
Set recommendation strategy. If this flag is not used, the default strategy cb will be used as the default strategy value.


cb = content-based, mixed profile
cbt = content-based, tags only profile
cbd = content-based, description terms only profile
cbh = content-based, half-half profile
cbtm = content-based, time-context profile
cb_eset = cb with eset profiling
cbt_eset = cbt with eset profiling
cbd_eset = cbd_eset with eset profiling
cbh_eset = cbh with eset profiling
mlbva = machine_learning, Binary Vector Approach
mlbva_eset = machine_learning, Binary Vector Approach with eset profiling
mlbow = machine_learning, Bag Of Words
mlbow = machine_learning, Bag Of Words with eset profiling