approx-update(8) update cached Packages and Sources files


approx-update [OPTION]...


approx-update updates the Packages and Sources files in the approx(8) cache by downloading and applying pdiffs.


-c file, --config file
Specify an additional configuration file. May be used multiple times.
-k, --keep, -s, --simulate
Don't download, update, or remove any files in the cache.
-q, --quiet
Don't print information about status, updates, or removals.
-v, --verbose
Print the status of each Packages or Sources file.


To download and apply any pdiffs necessary to bring the Packages and Sources files in the cache up to date:

approx-update --quiet

This is run as a daily cron(8) job.

To show the status of each Packages and Sources file in the cache (whether it is up-to-date according to the corresponding Release file):

approx-update --keep --verbose



Configuration file for approx and related programs.

Default cache directory for archive files.


Eric Cooper <[email protected]>