appstream-index(1) Manage the AppStream component index


appstream-index [COMMAND]


This manual page documents briefly the appstream-index command.

appstream-index manages the AppStream index. The AppStream component index contains a list of all available applications for your distribution, matched with their native package names. It is generated using either AppStream-XML, Debian-DEP-11 or Ubuntu AppInstall data, which is provided by your distributor.

For more information about the AppStream project and the other components which are part of it, take a look at the AppStream pages at m[blue]Freedesktop.orgm[][1].


get ID

Get a component by it's identifier.

s, search TERM

Search the AppStream component database for a given search term.

what-provides TYPE TERM

Return components which provide a given item. An item type can be specified using the TYPE parameter, a value to search for has to be supplied using the TERM parameter.


Get components which handle the "text/xml" mimetype.

appstream-index what-provides mimetype "text/xml"

Get component which provides the "" library.

appstream-index what-provides lib


Trigger a database refresh, if necessary. In case you want to force the database to be rebuilt, supply the --force flag.

This command must be executed with root permission.


Print out more information about a found component.


Don't print colored output.


Display the version number of appstream-index


This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <[email protected]>.


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