AptPkg::Source(3) APT source package interface


use AptPkg::Source;


The AptPkg::Source module provides an interface to APT's source package lists.


The AptPkg::Source package implements the APT pkgSrcRecords class as a hash reference (inherits from AptPkg::hash). The hash is keyed on source or binary package name and the value is an array reference of the details of matching source packages.

Note that there is no iterator class, so it is not possible to get a list of all keys (with keys or each).


Instantiation of the object uses configuration from the $AptPkg::Config::_config object (automatically initialised if not done explicitly).

If no SOURCELIST is specified, then the value of Dir::Etc::sourcelist from the configuration object is used (generally /etc/apt/sources.list).


In a list context, return a list of source package details for the given PACK, which may either be a source package name, or the name of one of the binaries provided (unless SRCONLY is provided and true).

In a scalar context, the source package name of the first entry is returned.

get, exists
These methods are used to implement the hashref abstraction: $obj->get($pack) and $obj->{$pack} are equivalent.

The get method has the same semantics as find, but returns an array reference in a scalar context.

The list returned by the find (and get) methods consists of hashes which describe each available source package (in order of discovery from the deb-src files described in sources.list).

Each hash contains the following entries:

Strings giving the source package name, version, maintainer and section.
A list of binary package names from the package.
A hash describing the build dependencies of the package. Possible keys are:

"Build-Depends", "Build-Depends-Indep", "Build-Conflicts", "Build-Conflicts-Indep".

The values are a list of dependencies/conflicts with each item being a list containing the package name followed optionally by an operator and version number.

Operator values evaluate to a comparison string* (>, >=, etc) or one of the AptPkg::Dep:: constants in a numeric context (see ``pkgCache::Dep::DepCompareOp'' in AptPkg(3pm)).

*Note that this is a normalised, rather than Debian-style (>> vs >) string.

A list of files making up the source package, each described by a hash containing the keys:

"MD5Hash", "Size", "ArchiveURI", "Type".


Brendan O'Dea <[email protected]>