arb(1) phylogenetic sequence analysis suite


arb --import PATTERN
arb shell


ARB is a graphically oriented software suite for phylogenetic analysis of sequence data. It allows managing large sets of sequence data, associated descriptions as well as alignments and phylogenetic trees.

Launching ARB without arguments will open a file chooser. Launching ARB with one DATABASE argument will open the specified file or, if DATABASE is a directory or a pattern, a file chooser with that directory/pattern selected. Launching ARB with two DATABASE arguments will open the database merge tool. The "--import" option will show the import dialog and create a new database from the file(s) described by PATTERN.

Running "arb shell" will open another shell with all ARB environment variables set. This is useful to e.g. run ARB Perl scripts or tools part of the arb package such as arb_pt_server or arb_probe.

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A large number of authors contributed to ARB, including: Ralf Westram, Oliver Strunk, Wolfgang Ludwig, Harald Meier, Yadhukumar, Kai Bader, Elmar Pruesse, C. Hodges, J. Boehnel, L. Richter, T. Ginhard, S. Gerbers, J. Huber and R. Jost.