askpass-fifo(8) Mandos plugin to get a password from a FIFO.




This program reads a password from a FIFO and outputs it to standard output.

This program is not very useful on its own. This program is really meant to run as a plugin in the Mandos client-side system, where it is used as a fallback and alternative to retrieving passwords from a Mandos server.

This program is meant to be imitate a feature of the askpass program, so that programs written to interface with it can keep working under the Mandos system.


This program takes no options.


If exit status is 0, the output from the program is the password as it was read. Otherwise, if exit status is other than 0, the program was interrupted or encountered an error, and any output so far could be corrupt and/or truncated, and should therefore be ignored.



This is the FIFO where this program will read the password. If it does not exist, it will be created.


Please report bugs to the Mandos development mailing list: <[email protected]> (subscription required). Note that this list is public. The developers can be reached privately at <[email protected]> (OpenPGP key fingerprint 153A 37F1 0BBA 0435 987F 2C4A 7223 2973 CA34 C2C4 for encrypted mail).


Note that normally, this program will not be invoked directly, but instead started by the Mandos plugin-runner(8mandos).

This program takes no options.



The only thing that could be considered worthy of note is this: This program is meant to be run by plugin-runner(8mandos), and will, when run standalone, outside, in a normal environment, immediately output on its standard output any presumably secret password it just received. Therefore, when running this program standalone (which should never normally be done), take care not to type in any real secret password by force of habit, since it would then immediately be shown as output.


Copyright © 2008-2016 Teddy Hogeborn, Björn Påhlsson