asn2xml(1) translate biological data from ASN.1 to XML


asn2xml [-] [-b F] [-e] [-i filename] [-l filename] [-o filename] [-s]


asn2xml converts an NCBI Seq-entry or Bioseq-set from ASN.1 format to an isomorphic XML representation. It differs from asn2asn -x in that it converts packed sequence data back into human-readable ASCII text.


A summary of options is included below.
Print usage message
-b F
Input asnfile in text mode
Input is a Seq-entry
-i filename
Read ASN.1 from filename (default is stdin)
-l filename
Log errors to filename (default is stderr)
-o filename
Write XML to filename (default is stdout)
Input is a Seq-submit


The National Center for Biotechnology Information.