asnmacro(1) process ASN.1 biological data per Sequin macros


asnmacro [-] [-b] [-d] [-e] [-i filename] -m filename [-o filename] [-p path] [-r path] [-s str] [-x str]


asnmacro is a command-line tool to run Sequin macros on annotated biological sequence data represented according to NCBI's ASN.1 specifications.


A summary of options is included below.
Print usage message
Input is Binary
Output is binary
Input is a Seq-Entry
-i filename
Single input file
-m filename
Macro file
-o filename
Single Output file
-p path
Path to multiple input files
-r path
Path for Results when processing multiple files
-s str
Suffix for stripped (output) files
-x str
Suffix for input files with -p (.sqn by default)


The National Center for Biotechnology Information.