aspd(8) Address Search Protocol Daemon


aspd [-r repetitions] [-i interface] [hostname]
aspd -V

in.aspd [-r repetitions] [hostname]
in.aspd -V


Aspd is a daemon that waits for incoming address requests on asp's port. If aspd detects itself as being the searched host, it sends a reply to the client, allowing the retrieval of its IP address. It is possible to specify an alternate hostname on command line, instead of using the value returned from the gethostname(3) function. This is useful if your hostname is dynamically changed when the link goes up.

If aspd is invoked as in.aspd it will work as a server: it makes its work and exit, instead of wait for new requests; this is useful if you want inetd(8) to automatically run the server when a request arrives.


-r repetitions

Set the number of times to re-send the reply. Default is 5 times.
-i interface

Set the interface used to get the address to send to the client, for example ppp0. Note that this option can't be used if aspd is invoked by inetd. Note also that you have to kill aspd if the interface address changes.
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The peer IP address and the searched hostname are logged through the syslogd(8) system logger daemon, using the daemon facility and the notice level. Transmission errors use the warning level and are logged only if aspd was compiled with the debug support.


Used by aspd to find the asp protocol port number.




Stenio Brunetta <[email protected]>

Comments and suggestions are welcome.