assa-genesis(1) generates skeleton files for RAD development with ASSA library


assa-genesis [OPTIONS] <app_name>


Four files are generated by default:

<app_name>-main.h        Header file with debug tracing masks
<app_name>-main.cpp 'main()' function with event loop
<app_name>.h Header file for class <app_name>
<app_name>.cpp Implementation stubs for class <app_name>

In addition, if --gtk2-app options was specified, the MainWindow class
is generated:

MainWindow.h Class MainWindow declaration
MainWindow.cpp Class MainWindow definition

If {-t, --one-file} switch is used, everything is put in one file, <app_name>.cpp. This is primarily used for writing test programs.

See ASSA User's Guide for further details


--with-example Add example of processing positional command-line arguments.
--with-gpl-license (Default) Generate files with GPL license headers.
--with-lgpl-license Generate files with LGPL license headers.
--with-x11-license Generate files with X11-type license headers.
--with-makefile Generate GNUmakefile.<app-name> file.
--gtk2-app Generate Gtkmm2-2.4 ready application.
-o, --one-file Put everything in one file
-e, --extension STRING Set file extention for C++ code (C, cxx, ...)
-h, --help print help message
-v, --version print version number


Original program written by Vladislav Grinchenko.

This manual page was written by Miriam Ruiz <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).