asubst(3) Area Substitution


asubst [-o outputfile] [-v] [inputfile]


The asubst program reads inputfile or from "stdin" and performs the following action: Characters and substrings are substituted according to Perl-like substitution commands enclosed by surrounding area delimiters. The substitution commands recognized are


and the areas are defined by blocks delimited via

  {: ... :}


  {: [[s/a./ä/]] [[s/u./ü/]]
  Foo Bar Baz Quux with Umlauts a. and u.


-o outputfile
This redirects the output to outputfile. Usually the output will be send to "stdout" if no such option is specified or outputfile is ""-"".
This sets verbose mode where some processing information will be given on the console.


 Ralf S. Engelschall
 [email protected]