atris(1) Tetris-like game with a twist for Unix


atris [options]


Alizarin Tetris includes multi-player support, user-extensible color, shape and sound styles, can use TCP/IP networking and features a few different AI opponents.


-h, --help
Command line help.

-b, --bg
Flaming background (default).

-n, --noflame
No flaming background.

-s, --sound
Enable sound effects (default).

-q, --quiet
No sound effects.

-w, --window
Windowed display (default).

-f, --fullscreen
Full-screen display.

-d=<X>, --depth=<X>
Set color depth (bpp) to X.

-r=<X>, --repeat=<X>
Set the keyboard repeat delay to X (1 = Slow Repeat, 16 = Fast Repeat).


To run this game the standard way, type:

# atris &

To run this game in fullscreen mode, type:

# atris --fullscreen &


This manual page was written by Pascal Giard <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).