Attean::API::Parser(3) Parser role


This document describes Attean::API::Parser version 0.017


The Attean::API::Parser role defines a common API for all parsers of typed objects from data (either a byte string or a filehandle).


The following attributes exist:
A code reference that will be called during callback-variant parsing methods. This attribute has a default (no-op function), so specifying it is not necessary if using iterator- or list-variant parsing methods.


The following methods are required by the Attean::API::Parser role:
Returns the canonical media type string for the format of this parser.
Returns an ARRAY reference of media type strings that are acceptable as input to this parser.
Returns a Type::Tiny object representing the type of items that result from parsing.
"new_iri( value => $value )"
Constructs and returns a new Attean::IRI object, respecting the parser's "lazy_iris" attribute.


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Gregory Todd Williams "<[email protected]>"


Copyright (c) 2014--2016 Gregory Todd Williams. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.