AtteanX::Plan::SPARQLBGP(3) Plan for efficient evaluation of SPARQL BGPs on remote endpoints


This is typically only constructed by planning hacks deep in the code, but might look like:

use v5.14;
use AtteanX::Plan::SPARQLBGP;
my $new_bgp_plan = AtteanX::Plan::SPARQLBGP->new(children => [$some_quads],
distinct => 0,
ordered => []);


This plan class implements compiling basic graph patterns that can be joined remotely on a SPARQL endpoint.

Attributes and methods

Consumes Attean::API::QueryTree, Attean::API::Plan and Attean::API::UnionScopeVariablesPlan, and introduces nothing new. The most notable attribute is:
which takes an arrayref of Attean::Plan::Quad objects to be included in the Basic Graph pattern that will be evaluated against the model.


For author, copyright and other details, see AtteanX::Store::SPARQL.