Audio::Mixer(3) Perl extension for Sound Mixer control


use Audio::Mixer;
$volume = Audio::Mixer::get_cval('vol');
if (Audio::Mixer::set_cval('vol', 50, 40)) {
die("Can't set volume...");


Library to query / set various sound mixer parameters.

This is just a very simple Perl interface which allows one to set various sound mixer parameters. The most important probably 'vol' (volume). The list of all mixer parameters can be obtained using get_mixer_params() function.

All values (lcval, rcval) are numbers in 0-100 range.


get_cval(cntrl) - Get parameter value Parameters:
    cntrl - name of parameter Returns:
    in array context: (lcval, rcval), where:
      lcval - left channel value
      rcval - right channel value
    in scalar context returns value of get_param_val() (see below)

set_cval(cntrl, lcval, rcval) - Set parameter value Parameters:
    cntrl - name of parameter
    lcval - left channel value
    rcval - right channel value (optional, if not supplied
      will be equal to lcval) Returns: 0 if Ok, -1 if failed

set_source(cntrl) - set record source Parameters:
    cntrl - name of channel to record from Returns: 0 if Ok, -1 if failed

get_source(cntrl) - get record source Returns:
    name of channel to record from

set_mixer_dev(fname) - Set mixer device name (optional),
    /dev/mixer is used by default
    fname - device name Returns: 0 if Ok

init_mixer() - Initialize mixer (open it)
    set_cval() / get_cval() opens / closes the mixer each
    time they called unless init_mixer() called before.
    In case if init_mixer() called before all other
    functions will use already opened device instead of
    opening it each time.

close_mixer() - Close device.
    Should be called only if init_mixer() was used.

get_mixer_params() - Get list of mixer parameters Returns: list of parameters names.


get_param_val(cntrl) - Get parameter value Parameter:
    cntrl - name of parameter Returns:
    integer value, which will be constructed as follows:
      lower byte (x & 0xff) - value of the left channel
        (or whole value)
      next byte  (x & 0xff00) - value of the right channel
      third byte (x & 0xff0000) - flags (if x & 0x10000 then          2 channels exist)

    or -1 in case of failure.

set_param_val(cntrl, lcval, rcval) - Set parameter value.
    Here all parameters are mandatory (in contrast to set_cval()). Parameters:
    cntrl - name of parameter
    lcval - left channel value
    rcval - right channel value Returns: 0 if Ok, -1 if failed


Sergey Gribov, [email protected]


Copyright (c) 2001 Sergey Gribov. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.