autodie::ScopeUtil(3) Utilities for managing %^H scopes


use autodie::ScopeUtil qw(on_end_of_compile_scope);
on_end_of_compile_scope(sub { print "Hallo world\n"; });


Utilities for abstracting away the underlying magic of (ab)using "%^H" to call subs at the end of a (compile-time) scopes.

Due to how "%^H" works, these utilities are only useful during the compilation phase of a perl module and relies on the internals of how perl handles references in "%^H". This module is not a part of autodie's public API.



  on_end_of_compile_scope(sub { print "Hallo world\n"; });

Will invoke a sub at the end of a (compile-time) scope. The sub is called once with no arguments. Can be called multiple times (even in the same ``compile-time'' scope) to install multiple subs. Subs are called in a ``first-in-last-out''-order (FILO or ``stack''-order).


Copyright 2013, Niels Thykier <[email protected]>


This module is free software. You may distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.