awsetbg(1) awesome wrapper tool to set background


awsetbg [-fctaFCTA wallpaper] [-uU wallpapersetter] [-m #] [-bB fbsetrootoptions ...] [-rR path] [-l]


awsetbg is a wrapper that tries to find a suitable background setting application and then tries to set the wallpaper using that application. You do not have to configure awsetbg, since it just uses the first application it finds.

Furthermore, it remembers the last wallpaper set, so you do not have to edit anything to change the wallpaper.


-f file

Set fullscreen wallpaper.

-c file

Set centered wallpaper.

-t file

Set tiled wallpaper.

-a file

Set maximized wallpaper, preserving the aspect ratio. If the application chosen does not support this option, fullscreen is used as fall back.

-u wallpapersetter

Use the specified wallpaper setter tool.

-r directory

Set a random wallpaper from this directory.

-F, -C, -T, -A, -U, -R

Same as the lowercase options, but without remembering.


Set the previous wallpaper. If the random feature was the last used, it will set another random wallpaper from this same directory.


Display useful information about the best application to set the wallpaper found.

-m #

Use montage to create a big image (image should fit screen size). Requires montage(1). # is the number of screens (columns in montage).


Display useful tips.


Display help message.


$XDG_CACHE_HOME/awesome/lastwallpaper or $HOME/.cache/awesome/lastwallpaper files contains the last wallpaper set to use with the -l option.



Wallpaper setters to use.


Display you want to set the wallpaper on.


Julien Danjou <m[blue][email protected]m[][1]> and others. awsetbg is derived from fbsetbg which was written by Han Boetes <m[blue][email protected]m[][2]>.