backbuffer.h(3) The header file for BackBuffer.


#include 'zipios++/zipios-config.h'
#include <algorithm>
#include 'zipios++/meta-iostreams.h'
#include <vector>
#include 'zipios++/fcollexceptions.h'
#include 'zipios++/ziphead.h'
#include 'zipios++/zipheadio.h'
#include 'zipios++/virtualseeker.h'
#include 'zipios_common.h'


class zipios::BackBuffer
A BackBuffer instance is useful for reading the last part of a file in an efficient manner, when it is not known exactly how far back (towards the front!) to go, to find the start of the desired data block.

Detailed Description

The header file for BackBuffer.

Definition in file backbuffer.h.


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