backup-manager-purge(8) backup-manager's wrapper for outdating files


backup-manager-purge [TTL] <options>


backup-manager-purge is the only authorized entity that can say if an archive should be purged or not. Any tasks used by backup-manager may have to know if an archive is deprecated (eg: the purging phase of an upload method). This tool is here to fulfill that need.

Given a time to live (TTL) and a list of archives, backup-manager-purge will return another list of archives, corresponding to the ones that are outdated by the TTL.


Specify the time to live (in days) for the archives. Any archive that is older than ttl days will be outdated.


A file containing a list of archives to parse, one archive per line. If this option is not used, STDIN will be used for catching the files to parse.


backup-manager-purge will return the list of outdated files on STDOUT, one file per line.


If an error occurs, it will print the error message on stderr and will exit with an error code greater than 0.

Here are the possible error codes:

bad command line (wrong arguments) : 10
internal error (should be reported as a bug) : 20


Concept and design by Alexis Sukrieh and Jan Metzger.