bacon(1) small RSpec clone


bacon [options] [files | -a] [-- untouched arguments]


Ruby options:

-e, --eval LINE
evaluate a LINE of code
-d, --debug
set debugging flags (set $DEBUG to true)
-w, --warn
turn warnings on for your script
-I, --include PATH
specify $LOAD_PATH (may be used more than once)
-r, --require LIBRARY
require the library, before executing your script

bacon options:

-s, --specdox
do AgileDox-like output (default)
-q, --quiet
do Test::Unit-like non-verbose output
-p, --tap
do TAP (Test Anything Protocol) output
-k, --knock
do Knock output
-o, --output FORMAT
do FORMAT (SpecDox/TestUnit/Tap) output
-Q, --no-backtrace
don't print backtraces
-a, --automatic
gather tests from ./test/, include ./lib/
-n, --name NAME
runs tests matching regexp NAME
-t, --testcase TESTCASE
runs tests in TestCases matching regexp TESTCASE

Common options:

-h, --help
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