balxparse(1) Barry Project's program to parse firmware ALX files.


balxparse [-h][-i lang][-d path][-o file] [ALX files...]


balxparse is a tool for loading XML data from the ALX files included with BlackBerry firmware updates. It is able to parse this data in multiple charsets / languages, as well as parsing the entire directory of ALX files.


Display a command help summary.
-i lang
Specify the internationalization charset/language to use. By running balxparse with the -h option, a list of available languages is displayed.
-d path
Specify the path to find all ALX files.
-o file
Specify an OS filename (Platform.alx) to parse, without loading application and library dependencies.


balxparse was initially written for the Barry project by Nicolas Vivien, with additional contributions from others over time.