bbdate(1) display the current date in a Blackbox style window


bbdate [OPTIONS]


bbdate displays the date in a decorated window, simulating the look of the Blackbox toolbar (Blackbox is a Window Manager for X11). To copy this look, a great deal of the code was taken from Blackbox.


By default bbdate reads the Blackbox style-file as defined in ~/.blackboxrc and copies as much of the style as possible. The result is an application which looks a lot like the toolbar.

The position is given as +x+y or -x-y (or combination) where -x-y is the (x,y) distance of the right bottom of screen to the right bottom of bbdate.

So position -0-0 puts the application in the lower right conner of the screen.


A summary of the options supported by bbdate is included below.

Use alternate Blackbox configuration file.
-c[onfig] filename
Use alternate configuration file.
Fall back on default configuration.
-display display name
X server to connect to.
Show summary of options and exit.
-p[osition] position
Set position of window.
Don't display groundplate.
Display version number and exit.
Places bbdate in the slit.


Under Blackbox

/etc/bbtools/bbdate.conf the global configuration file.
~/.bbtools/bbdate.conf a local configuration file.
/etc/bbtools/ the global style file.
~/.bbtools/ a local style file.

Under other Window managers

~/.bbtoolsrc specify options for other window managers. If you want
to define your personal configuration file edit ~/.bbtoolsrc:

bbdate.configFile: <your config file> /etc/bbtools/bbdate.nobb the global configuration file. ~/.bbtools/bbdate.nobb a local configuration file.




bbdate doesn't stay on top


John Kennis <[email protected]> - bbdate
Jan Schaumann <[email protected]> - this man page
Chris Gibson <[email protected]> - minor man page revisions for Debian