bbrun(1) An elegant tool for the Blackbox window manager that runs commands


bbrun [OPTIONS] [-- [-display <display>]]...


bbrun is a small but very useful application. It makes it convenient to quickly execute commands from the blackbox or fluxbox window managers. bbrun is very similar to KDE's Alt+F2 Run Command dialog box. When launched, it occupies a small portion of the desktop and docks itself to the right side of the screen. The run dialog is opened by clicking on the tiny bbrun window.

You don't necessarily need blackbox for this program to work. It looks just as good in fluxbox, but it won't look the same in other window managers.




-a, --advanced - advanced mode, shows more options than the normal command entry box. The default is for it to be in normal (traditional/simple) mode.

-h, --help - this help screen

-i, --history-file=<history file> - set the history file to use. (default:

-v, --version - print the version number

-w, --withdraw - withdrawn mode, will go straight to command entry box

Options that must occur after '--' if they are used:

-display <display> - set the display that the gearbox should show up on


bbrun can be run in normal mode where it creates an icon that sits in the slit. You can then click on the gear icon to make the text entry window popup. You can also run bbrun in withdrawn mode by specifying the -w flag. This is ideal for use with the key shortcut program bbkeys since it will jump straight to the text entry screen. bbrun also supports the 'escape' and 'enter' keys for those of you who like to use the mouse as little as possbile.

bbrun keeps a history of your most recent commands. The history list is stored in the '.bbrun_history' file in your home directory. If the file does not exist it is created automatically.

Also keep in mind that you need quotes when you specify arguments with spaces in them. eg. mpg123 '/mp3/Creed - Higher.mp3'

This file was updated by Kevin Coyner <[email protected]> on February 12, 2007.