bench(1) http benchmark


bench [-n requests] [-c concurrency] [-t timeout] [-k] [-K count]
        [-C cookie-file] [http://]host[:port]/uri


bench is a HTTP benchmark program that can fetch the same URL over and over again, or fetch several URLs (coming in from stdin).

If you specify a URL on the command line, this URL will be fetch many times (specify with -n, default: 10000) with several connections open in parallen (specify with -c, default: 10).

You can specify a timeout (per request) in seconds with -t.

The -k switch activates keep-alive mode. In keep-alive mode, the TCP connection is not closed between requests. You also have to specify how many HTTP requests can go over one TCP connection with -K.

bench can also send one HTTP cookie per connection, as specified using a cookie file. The cookie file is read line by line, and each request gets the next line inserted into it. So each line should look something like this:

  Cookie: foo=bar

If the end of the file is reached, bench restarts it at the beginning.


Initially written by Felix von Leitner <[email protected]>.