bespin(1) the Bespin style configurator


bespin presets | demo [style] | show <some_preset> | try <some_config.bespin> | sshot <some_file.png> [preset] [width] | load <some_preset> | import <some_config.bespin> | update <some_config.bespin> | export <some_preset> <some_config.bespin> | listStyles


This manual page briefly documents the bespin command.

bespin is a program to configure the Bespin Qt4 widget style or manage the presets w/o GUI.


Configure the Bespin Style
List the available Presets
demo [style]
Launch a demo, you can pass other stylenames
show <some_preset>
Open demo dialog with a preset
try <some_config.bespin>
Try out an exported setting
sshot <some_file.png> [preset] [width]
Save a screenshot
load <some_preset>
Load a preset to current settings
import <some_config.bespin>
Import an exported setting
update <some_config.bespin>
Like import, but overrides existing
export <some_preset> <some_config.bespin>
Export an imported setting
List all Qt UI styles installed on this System


bespin was written by Thomas Lübking

This manual page was written by Guillaume Martres <[email protected]> from the output of bespin -h by Thomas Lübking <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).