bgoffice-dict-download(1) download dictionaries for bgoffice


# list known dictionaries
bgoffice-dict-download --list
# download a dictionary
bgoffice-dict-download --dict bg-en_dual
# explicit output file
bgoffice-dict-download --dict bg-en_dual --output=/some/where.tar.bz2


bgoffice-dict-download is a small program to help download bgoffice dictionaries off It browses the bgoffice project download area and follows the download links.

The dictionary is downloaded in the current directory, unless the ``--output'' option is used.


Prints the list of the known dictionaries.
--dict dictionary name
Specifies the dictionary to be downloaded. See ``--list'' for the known dictionaries. This option is mandatory, unless ``--list'' is given.
--output file
Saves the downloaded dictionary in the given file, instead of ./<dict>.tar.bz2


Copyright: (C) 2010 Damyan Ivanov [email protected]

Permission is granted to use this work, with or without modifications, provided that this notice is retained. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.