bind8_query2dlf(1) convert BIND8 querylogs to dlf




This script converts each line in a bind8 querylog to a dns dlf record.

BIND generates these logs when something like

 logging {
     channel query_logging {
         file "/var/log/named_querylog"
         versions 3 size 100M;
         print-time yes;                 // timestamp log entries              
      category queries {

is in bind's named.conf. This will save up to three logfiles of maximum 100 megabytes in the directory /var/log.

These logfiles look like:

 10-Apr-2000 00:01:20.307 XX /
 10-Apr-2000 00:01:20.308 XX+/


To process a log as produced by bind8:

 $ bind8_query2dlf < dns-query

bind8_query2dlf will be rarely used on its own, but is more likely called by lr_log2report:

 $ lr_log2report bind8_query < /var/log/dns-query


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