Bio::Graphics::RendererI(3) A renderer for the Bio::Graphics class that


# Get a renderer somehow, called $renderer
# create a new panel and render contents a feature collection onto it
my $config = new ConfigIO( $config_file )->getConfig();
my $features = $data_provider->getCollection();
my ( $tracks_rendered, $panel ) = $renderer->render( $features, $prefs );


Renderer of Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionIs (collections of features) onto a Bio::Graphics::Panel using a Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI for general and track-specific rendering options.


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 Title   : render
 Usage   : ( $rendered, $panel ) =
               $renderer->render( $collection, $configurator [, $panel ] );
 Function: Renders the SeqFeatures in the given collection onto a
           Bio::Graphics::Panel (if no panel is given, one will be
           created), using the given Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI for general
           and track-specific rendering options.
 Returns : In a scalar context returns the number of tracks rendered.
           In a list context, returns a two-element list containing
           the number of features rendered and the panel.
 Args    : A Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI and a Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI
           and optionally a Bio::Graphics::Panel.
 Status  : Public