Bio::Ontology::OBOterm(3) representation of OBO terms


$term = Bio::Ontology::OBOterm->new
( -identifier => "GO:0005623",
-name => "Cell",
-definition => "The basic structural and functional unit ...",
-is_obsolete => 0,
-comment => "" );
$term->add_reference( @refs );
$term->add_secondary_id( @ids );
$term->add_synonym( @synonym );
# etc.


This is data holder class for OBO terms. It is currently a dummy class since we anticipate that the OBO term will become more richer with more features being added to OBO flat-file format.


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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods.


 Title   : new
 Usage   :   $term = Bio::Ontology::OBOterm->new
     ( -identifier       => "GO:0005623",
      -name        => "Cell",
      -definition  => "The basic structural and functional unit ...",
      -is_obsolete => 0,
      -comment     => "" );
 Function: Creates a new Bio::Ontology::OBOterm.
 Returns : A new Bio::Ontology::OBOterm object.
 Args    : -identifier    => the id of this OBO term [GO:nnnnnnn]
                             integer of seven digits)
           -name          => the name of this OBO term [scalar]
           -definition    => the definition of this OBO term [scalar]
           -ontology      => the ontology for this term (a
                             Bio::Ontology::OntologyI compliant object)
           -version       => version information [scalar]
           -is_obsolete   => the obsoleteness of this OBO term [0 or 1]
           -comment       => a comment [scalar]