Bio::Root::Build(3) A common Module::Build subclass base for BioPerl distributions




This is a subclass of Module::Build so we can override certain methods and do fancy stuff

It was first written against Module::Build::Base v0.2805. Many of the methods here are copy/pasted from there in their entirety just to change one or two minor things, since for the most part Module::Build::Base code is hard to cleanly override.

Note: per bug 3196, the majority of the code in this module has been revised or commented out to bring it in line with the Module::Build API. In particular, 'requires/recommends' tags in the Build.PL file were not of the same format as those for Module::Build, and so caused serious issues with newer versions (including giving incorrect meta data). Other problematic methods involving automatic installation of prereq modules via CPAN were also removed as they do not work with more modern perl tools such as perlbrew and cpanm.


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