Bio::Tools::Run::Eponine(3) Object for execution of the Eponine which


use Bio::Tools::Run::Eponine;
use strict;
my $seq = "/data/seq.fa";
my $threshold = "0.999";
my @params = ( '-seq' => $seq,
'-threshold' => $threshold,
'-epojar' => '/usr/local/bin/eponine-scan.jar',
'-java' => '/usr/local/bin/java');
my $factory = Bio::Tools::Run::Eponine->new(@params);
# run eponine against fasta
my $r = $factory->run($seq);
my $parser = Bio::Tools::Eponine->new($r);
while (my $feat = $parser->next_prediction){
#$feat contains array of SeqFeature
foreach my $orf($feat){
print $orf->seqname. "\n";
# Various additional options and input formats are available. See
# the DESCRIPTION section for details.


wrapper for eponine, a mammalian TSS predictor.

The environment variable EPONINEDIR must be set to point at either the directory which contains eponine-scan.jar or directly at the jar which eponine-scan classfiles. NOTE: EPONINEDIR must point at the real file not a symlink.


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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


    Title   :   java
    Usage   :   $obj->java('/usr/opt/java130/bin/java');
    Function:   Get/set method for the location of java VM
    Args    :   File path (optional)


    Title   :   epojar
    Usage   :   $obj->epojar('/some/path/to/eponine-scan.jar');
    Function:   Get/set method for the location of the eponine-scan executable JAR
    Args    :   Path (optional)


 Title   : threshold
 Usage   : my $threshold = $self->threshold
 Function: Get/Set the threshold for Eponine
 Returns : string
 Args    : b/w 0.9 and  1.0


 Title   : run
 Usage   : my @genes = $self->run($seq)
 Function: runs Eponine and creates an array of features
 Returns : An Array of SeqFeatures
 Args    : A Bio::PrimarySeqI


 Title   : predict_TSS
 Usage   : Alias for run()


 Title   : _setinput
 Usage   : Internal function, not to be called directly
 Function: writes input sequence to file and return the file name
 Example :
 Returns : string
 Args    :


    Title   :  run_eponine
    Usage   :   $obj->_run_eponine()
    Function:   execs the Java VM to run eponine
    Returns :   none
    Args    :   none