Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus::BlastMethods(3) Provides BLAST methods to StandAloneBlastPlus


# create a factory:
$fac = Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus->new(
-db_name => 'testdb'
# get your results
$result = $fac->blastn( -query => 'query_seqs.fas',
-outfile => 'query.bls',
-method_args => [ '-num_alignments' => 10 ,
$result = $fac->tblastx( -query => $an_alignment_object,
-outfile => 'query.bls',
-outformat => 7 );
# do a bl2seq
$fac->bl2seq( -method => 'blastp',
-query => $seq_object_1,
-subject => $seq_object_2 );


This module provides the BLAST methods (blastn, blastp, psiblast, etc.) to the Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus object.


This POD describes the use of BLAST methods against a Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus factory object. The object itself has extensive facilities for creating, formatting, and masking BLAST databases; please refer to Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus POD for these details.

Given a "StandAloneBlastPlus" factory, such as

 $fac = Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus->new(
    -db_name => 'testdb'

you can run the desired BLAST method directly from the factory object, against the database currently attached to the factory (in the example, "testdb"). "-query" is a required argument:

 $result = $fac->blastn( -query => 'query_seqs.fas' );

Here, $result is a Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult object.

Other details:

  • The blast output file can be named explicitly:

     $result = $fac->blastn( -query => 'query_seqs.fas',
                             -outfile => 'query.bls' );
  • The output format can be specified:

     $result = $fac->blastn( -query => 'query_seqs.fas',
                             -outfile => 'query.bls',
                             -outformat => 7 ); #tabular
  • Additional arguments to the method can be specified:

     $result = $fac->blastn( -query => 'query_seqs.fas',
                             -outfile => 'query.bls',
                             -method_args => [ '-num_alignments' => 10 ,
                                               '-evalue' => 100 ]);
  • To get the name of the blast output file, do

     $file = $fac->blast_out;
  • To clean up the temp files (you must do this explicitly):



Running "bl2seq" is similar, but both "-query" and "-subject" are required, and the attached database is ignored. The blast method must be specified explicitly with the "-method" parameter:

 $fac->bl2seq( -method => 'blastp',
               -query => $seq_object_1,
               -subject => $seq_object_2 );

Other parameters ( "-method_args", "-outfile", and "-outformat" ) are valid.

Return values

The return value is always a Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult object on success, undef on failure.


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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : run
 Usage   : 
 Function: Query the attached database using a specified blast
 Returns : Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult object
 Args    : key => value:
           -method => $method [blastp|blastn|blastx|tblastx|tblastn|
           -query => $query_sequences (a fasta file name or BioPerl sequence
                      object or sequence collection object)
           -outfile => $blast_report_file (optional: default creates a tempfile)
           -outformat => $format_code (integer in [0..10], see blast+ docs)
           -method_args => [ -key1 => $value1, ... ] (additional arguments
                         for the given method)


 Title   : bl2seq
 Usage   : 
 Function: emulate bl2seq using blast+ programs
 Returns : Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult object
 Args    : key => value
           -method => $blast_method [blastn|blastp|blastx|
           -query => $query (fasta file or BioPerl sequence object
           -subject => $subject (fasta file or BioPerl sequence object)
           -outfile => $blast_report_file
           -method_args => [ $key1 => $value1, ... ] (additional method 


 Title   : next_result
 Usage   : $result = $fac->next_result;
 Function: get the next BLAST result
 Returns : Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult object
 Args    : none


 Title   : rewind_results
 Usage   : $fac->rewind_results;
 Function: rewind BLAST results
 Returns : true on success
 Args    :


 Title   : blast_out
 Usage   : $file = $fac->blast_out
 Function: get the filename of the blast report file
 Returns : scalar string
 Args    : none