bitz-server(1) An ICAP server


bitz-server [--version] [--help] [--usage] [--debug] [--config=<config file>]


bitz-server is an ICAP server implementation in C++. Starting from scratch, the server is developed with a modular architecture in mind. The server core (written in C++) will handle the client requests, manage workers (child processes) etc. and will provide basic handlers to serve ICAP requests but won't do any actual content adaptation.

To extend this core functionality and do some actual content adaptation a pluggable modules architecture is used. These modules will provide features like content filtering, anti-virus scanning etc. and to make it easier to write (and faster to implement) such modules a python interface module is included.


--version, -v
Prints version information
--help, --usage, -h
Prints the synopsis
Run the server in debug mode. This will force the server to run in the terminal rather than in the background.
--config=<config file>
Set the alternative config file to use instead of the compiled default.


Default configuration file. See bitz-server.conf(5) for further details.


Please report all bugs and feature requests at <>


Uditha Atukorala <[email protected]>