blkmapd(8) pNFS block layout mapping daemon


blkmapd [-d] [-f]


The blkmapd daemon performs device discovery and mapping for the parallel NFS (pNFS) block layout client [RFC5663].

The pNFS block layout protocol builds a complex storage hierarchy from a set of simple volumes. These simple volumes are addressed by content, using a signature on the volume to uniquely name each one. The daemon locates a volume by examining each block device in the system for the given signature.

The topology typically consists of a hierarchy of volumes built by striping, slicing, and concatenating the simple volumes. The blkmapd daemon uses the device-mapper driver to construct logical devices that reflect the server topology, and passes these devices to the kernel for use by the pNFS block layout client.


Performs device discovery only then exits.
Runs blkmapd in the foreground and sends output to stderr (as opposed to syslogd)


Haiying Tang <[email protected]>
Jim Rees <[email protected]>