bomstrip-files(1) strip the BOM sequence from UTF-8 files

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bomstrip-files file ...


The utility reads UTF-8 data from its standard input and copies it to its standard output, stripping the BOM (byte-order mark) from the beginning of the text if it is present. There are no command-line options and no parameters.

The bomstrip-files utility removes the UTF-8 BOM from the specified files, saving each file's original contents with a .bom extension. It uses the utility, trying to execute it as `` '' if the utility is installed under another name, or if a more complex command is desired, it may be supplied in the BOMSTRIP environment variable.


Strip the BOM, if present, from a text file:

bomstrip < bom.txt > nobom.txt

Strip the BOM, if present, from all text files, backing them up with a .bom extension:

bomstrip-files *.txt

Use the OCAML implementation of :

env BOMSTRIP='ocaml bomstrip.ocaml' bomstrip-files *.txt


The utility (in many languages) was written by An Mechiel Lukkien , with implementations in various languages sent to him by others, including An Andreas Gohr , An Andrew Gerrand , An Berteun Damman , An Matthijs Bomhoff , An Peter Pentchev , and An Ruben Smelik . The bomstrip-files utility and this manual page were written by An Peter Pentchev in the hope that they reflect the behavior of all the implementations in all languages.


An Mechiel Lukkien Aq [email protected] An Peter Pentchev Aq [email protected]