bootstrap-vz(1) program is creating Debian images to be run in cloud


bootstrap-vz [options] MANIFEST


bootstrap-vz is written in python which can be fairly easily customised if needed. Whole configuration for the final image is provided by json manifest [MANIFEST]. Manifest available options are explained below in MANIFEST section, if there is information which is lacking please file a bug against bootstrap-vz package (patches always welcome).

bootstrap-vz must be run from within AWS instance to create Debian image.

Default user to log into created image is: root


--log path
Log to given directory [default: /var/log/bootstrap-vz].
If <path> is " - " file logging will be disabled.
Pause on error, before rollback
Don't actually run the tasks
Print debugging information
show this help


Manifest is a yaml file providing final image specification, standard yaml rules apply to it and the following fields should or may be used (depending on final image type).
Below are describe specific fields and fields within sections, all should be in strict yaml format put into manifest file.

provider- [kvm|ec2|gce|virtualbox|azure] targeted platform where final image produced by bootstrap-vz is going to be used

virtualization - [pvm|hvm|virtio|ide] type of vitalization which is going to be used to run final image
enhanced_networking -


mount_dir - where all bootstraped files are going to be installed
mirror - Debian mirror to use to fetch all required files (suggestion:
workspace -


name - name for the finale image
description - final image description which will give a bit more information how this image is different from others bucket - [ONLY FOR S3 BACKED IMAGES] S3 bucket name for storage

system (OS details)

release - [wheezy|jessie] Debian release name
architecture - [amd64|i386]
timezone - ex. UTC
locale - ex. en_GB
charmap - ex. UTF-8

volume (virtual HDD setup)

backing - [ebs|s3|raw]
filesystem - any supported by the kernel
size - how big root main image should be

plugins (plugins available, for specific options for each plugin please look into individual plugin documentation)


credentials (AWS specific entries)

access-key - AWS Access Key
secret-key AWS Secret Key
certificate - [S3 BACKED IMAGES]
private-key - [S3 BACKED IMAGES]
user-id - [S3 BACKED IMAGES]

MANIFEST - example


provider: name: ec2 virtualization: hvm enhanced_networking: simple credentials: access-key: AFAKEACCESSKEYFORAWS secret-key: thes3cr3tkeyf0ryourawsaccount/FS4d8Qdva bootstrapper: workspace: /target image: name: debian-{system.release}-{system.architecture}-{provider.virtualization}-{%Y}-{%m}-{%d}-ebs description: Debian {system.release} {system.architecture} system: release: wheezy architecture: amd64 bootloader: extlinux charmap: UTF-8 locale: en_US timezone: UTC volume: backing: ebs partitions: type: none root: filesystem: ext4 size: 8GiB packages: mirror: plugins: cloud_init: metadata_sources: Ec2 username: admin

Example manifests can be found in /usr/share/doc/bootstrap-vz/examples/manifests more manifests specific information can be found in bootstrap-vz(3) or online docs at


Marcin Kulisz <[email protected]>