broctl(8) interactive shell for managing Bro installations


broctl <command>


broctl is an interactive interface for managing a Bro installation which allows you to, e.g., start/stop the monitoring or update its configuration.

Before actually running broctl you first need to edit the broctl.cfg , node.cfg , and networks.cfg files. In the broctl.cfg file, you should review the broctl options and make sure the options are set correctly for your environment. Next, edit the node.cfg file and specify the nodes that you will be running. Finally, edit the networks.cfg file and list each network (see the examples in the file for the format to use) that is considered local to the monitored environment.


capstats [<nodes>] [<secs>]
Report interface statistics with capstats
check [<nodes>]
Check configuration before installing it
cleanup [--all] [<nodes>]
Delete working dirs (flush state) on nodes
Print broctl configuration
cron [--no-watch]
Perform jobs intended to run from cron
cron enable|disable|?
Enable/disable "cron" jobs
df [<nodes>]
Print nodes' current disk usage
diag [<nodes>]
Output diagnostics for nodes
exec <shell cmd>
Execute shell command on all hosts
Update broctl installation/configuration
netstats [<nodes>]
Print nodes' current packet counters
Print node configuration
peerstatus [<nodes>]
Print status of nodes' remote connections
print <id> [<nodes>]
Print values of script variable at nodes
process <trace> [<op>] [-- <sc>]
Run Bro (with options and scripts) on trace
restart [--clean] [<nodes>]
Stop and then restart processing
scripts [-c] [<nodes>]
List the Bro scripts the nodes will load
start [<nodes>]
Start processing
status [<nodes>]
Summarize node status
stop [<nodes>]
Stop processing
top [<nodes>]
Show Bro processes ala top
update [<nodes>]
Update configuration of nodes on the fly

Commands provided by plugins:

ps.bro [<nodes>]
Show Bro processes on nodes' systems


broctl was written by The Bro Project <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Raúl Benencia <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).