bson_writer_t(3) Bulk BSON serialization Abstraction


#include <bson.h>
typedef struct _bson_writer_t bson_writer_t;
bson_writer_t *bson_writer_new (uint8_t **buf,
size_t *buflen,
size_t offset,
bson_realloc_func realloc_func,
void *realloc_func_ctx);
void bson_writer_destroy (bson_writer_t *writer);


The bson_writer_t API provides an abstraction for serializing many BSON documents to a single memory region. The memory region may be dynamically allocated and re-allocated as more memory is demanded. This can be useful when building network packets from a high-level language. For example, you can serialize a Python Dictionary directly to a single buffer destined for a TCP packet.


#include <bson.h>
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
   bson_writer_t *writer;
   uint8_t *buf = NULL;
   size_t buflen = 0;
   bson_t *doc;
   writer = bson_writer_new (&buf, &buflen, 0, bson_realloc_ctx, NULL);
   for (i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
      bson_writer_begin (writer, &doc);
      BSON_APPEND_INT32 (&doc, "i", i);
      bson_writer_end (writer);
   bson_writer_destroy (writer);
   bson_free (buf);
   return 0;


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