BUF_TIMELOCK(9) locks a buffer


In sys/param.h In sys/systm.h In sys/uio.h In sys/bio.h In sys/buf.h Ft int Fn BUF_TIMELOCK struct buf *bp int locktype char *wmesg int catch int timo


The Fn BUF_TIMELOCK function locks the given buffer, and limits the amount of time it will sleep to Fa timo and OR's Fa catch into the sleep's priority. Fa wmesg is the wmesg used in the sleep.

Its arguments are:

Fa bp
The buffer to lock.
Fa locktype
Flags controlling the type of lock. See lockmgr(9) for details.
Fa wmesg
The wmesg used in any sleeps while acquiring the lock.
Fa catch
Priority OR'd into the sleep's priority.
Fa timo
The timeout for any sleeps encountered during the lock.


A value of 0 is returned on success. See lockmgr(9) for details on non-zero return values.


This manual page was written by An Chad David Aq [email protected] .