bup-cat-file(1) extract archive content (low-level)


bup cat-file [--meta|--bupm] <path>


bup cat-file extracts content associated with path from the archive and dumps it to standard output. If nothing special is requested, the actual data contained by path (which must be a regular file) will be dumped.


retrieve the metadata entry associated with path. Note that currently this does not return the raw bytes for the entry recorded in the relevant .bupm in the archive, but rather a decoded and then re-encoded version. When that matters, it should be possible (though awkward) to use --bupm on the parent directory and then find the relevant entry in the output.
retrieve the .bupm file associated with path, which must be a directory.


# Retrieve the content of somefile.
$ bup cat-file /foo/latest/somefile > somefile-content
# Examine the metadata associated with something.
$ bup cat-file --meta /foo/latest/something | bup meta -tvvf -
# Examine the metadata for somedir, including the items it contains.
$ bup cat-file --bupm /foo/latest/somedir | bup meta -tvvf -


Part of the bup(1) suite.


Rob Browning <[email protected]>.