c_ftkurvp(3) interpolation for closed parametric curves


int c_ftkurvp (int, float [], float [], int, float [], float [], float []);


int c_ftkurvp (n, xi, yi, m, t, xo, yo);


The number of input data values. (n > 1)
An array containing the abscissae for the input function.
An array containing the functional values (y[k] is the functional value at x[k] for k=0,n-1).
The number of desired interpolated values.
Contains an array of values for the parameter mapping onto the interpolated curve. Any interval [tt,tt+1.] maps onto the entire curve.
An array containing the X values for the interpolated points. t[k] maps to (xo[k],yo[k]) for k=0,m-1.
An array containing the Y values for the interpolated points. t[k] maps to (xo[k],yo[k]) for k=0,m-1.


c_ftkurvp returns an error value as per:

= 0 -- no error.
= 1 -- if n is less than 2.
= 2 -- if adjacent coordinate pairs coincide.


This procedure calculates an interpolatory spline under tension through a sequence of points in the plane forming a closed curve.

Given a sequence of distinct input points ( (x[0],y[0]), ... , (x[n-1],y[n-1]), the interpolated curve is parameterized by mapping points in the interval [0.,1.] onto the interpolated curve. The resulting curve has a parametric representation both of whose components are splines under tension and functions of the polygonal arc length. The value 0. is mapped onto (x[0],y[0]) and the value 1. is mapped onto (x[0],y[0]) as well (completing the closed curve).

c_ftkurvp is called after all of the desired values for control parameters have been set using the procedures c_ftseti, c_ftsetr, c_ftsetc. The only control parameter that applies to c_ftkurvp is: sig.

The value for the parameter sig specifies the tension factor. Values near zero result in a cubic spline; large values (e.g. 50) result in nearly a polygonal line. A typical value is 1. (the default).


To use c_ftkurvp, load the NCAR Graphics library ngmath.


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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