Cache::Object(3) the data stored in a Cache.


Object is used by classes implementing the Cache interface as an object oriented wrapper around the data. End users will not normally use Object directly, but it can be retrieved via the get_object method on the Cache::Cache interface.


use Cache::Object;
my $object = new Cache::Object( );
$object->set_key( $key );
$object->set_data( $data );
$object->set_expires_at( $expires_at );
$object->set_created_at( $created_at );


new( )
Construct a new Cache::Object.


The time at which the object was last accessed. Various cache implementations will use the accessed_at property to store information for LRU algorithms. There is no guarantee that all caches will update this field, however.
The time at which the object was created.
A scalar containing or a reference pointing to the data to be stored.
The time at which the object should expire from the cache.
The key under which the object was stored.
The size of the frozen version of this object


Original author: DeWitt Clinton <[email protected]>

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Copyright (C) 2001-2003 DeWitt Clinton