calendarserver_config(8) Calendar Server Configuration Utility


[--config file ] [key ...]


stores and retrieves configuration values for calendar server. It's primary purpose is to carry out operations on behalf of the Apple OS X Server administration application; in this mode of operation is reads stdin for keys provided in plist format, and writes results to stdout, also in plist form. For interactive use, you can list one or more keys as command line arguments.


-h, -help
Displays usage information
-f, -config FILE
Use the Calendar Server configuration specified in the given file. Defaults to /Applications/ on Apple servers, /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist on other servers.


Retrieve the value for EnableCalDAV

"calendarserver_config EnableCalDAV"

Set EnableCalDAV to True

"calendarserver_config EnableCalDAV=True"


The static Calendar Server configuration file (not to be edited).
/Library/Server/Calendar and Contacts/Config/caldavd-system.plist
The configuration file which stores local overriding values (which calendarserver_config modifies).